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Wales Largest Privatly Owned Hatchery

Llyn-Y-Fan Hatchery

Salmon & Sea Trout:

Llyn-y-fan hatchery has reared Salmon & Sea Trout for river systems in South and West Wales since it's inception in 1994.

It has been strongly supported by local Angling Clubs, Associations and Federations, and has created a "Catch & Hatch" policy by which anglers donate, their Salmon or Sea Trout, alive to the hatchery for conservation and breeding purposes for their own river catchments. With ever increasing pressures on wild Salmon and Sea Trout populations, conservation measurers are becoming increasingly necessary.

Conservation/Restoration schemes are currently operating on the river Towy, in Carmarthenshire supported by CFF (Carmarthen Fisherman's Federation), on the river Teifi in Ceredigion supported by TFF (Teifi Fisherman's Federation) and smaller schemes on the river Taf, Carmarthenshire and river Ogmore, bridgend.

The hatchery would like to thank the associated angling Clubs, Associations and Federations for their support over the past 18 years, and also continuing support from the angling fraternity including many individual anglers also.

You can view all the associated angling Clubs, Associations and Federations by clicking on the relivent link opposite.